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Weak Propaganda

Vice has a documentary here about the homeland-defense militias in Ukraine. It’s entitled, “Out of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias.”

The title is total bullshit; a bald-faced lie. The militias featured are neither rogue nor out of control. The overt-leftist, beta, propagandist who put this story together is typical of his ilk. His criminally heavy editing created a leftist-propaganda cautionary tale from what was obviously a patriotic tour de force by the warriors depicted in the film.

It is 22 mins long and I urge you to watch. If you can stomach the beta-leftist taint throughout.

Propaganda Level 10

Haha, you’ve got to hand it to socialists; they really are dedicated to willful ignorance and agitprop to a degree that boggles the mind:

Only under capitalism is poverty entirely the fault of those in it. All forms of collectivism—socialism, Marxism, communism, et al—impose poverty upon people in a manner individuals cannot “legally” defeat (unless you are among the ruling class, imposing the rules). Only capitalism allows individuals to profit from their genius and effort and dispose of their earning and property in the manner they choose.

Leftist Mistakes Ordinary Responsibility for “Hell World” [video]

A family teaching their son, from a young age, to be familiar with firearms is entirely ordinary. Entirely American. But according to Jack Smith IV here—Senior Writer at @Mic covering fascism, nationalism and white supremacy—it is “hell world.” Ordinary responsibility and God-given rights must indeed to hell for this self-described union thug.

All anti-liberty communists and other leftists in the US live, mentally and emotionally, in a hell of their own making and they’re trying to drag the rest of us into it.