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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Leftist

When President Trump referred to MS-13 thugs as “animals,” the left predictably fell into the ridiculously simple trap he laid. You’ve likely seen some or perhaps many of the responses from the mainstream media and socialist representatives in government defending MS-13 thugs from our President. The laughable result is that Democrats and the MSM apparatchiks have clearly defined themselves as being pro-MS-13. Pro-rape, pro-murder useful idiots.

But few have gone so far as Rob Rousseau, who has ventured an interesting all-in defense of rape and murder:

twitter post

That’s right, in the mind of today’s media, thugs whose motto is “rape, control, kill” are preferred over Republicans.

Rob is a freelance writer for VICE Sports, Paste Magazine, The Classical, and more. If Rob actually had a daughter, it’s not so farfetched to imagine that he should be investigated by Child Protective Services. As it is, he’s just a mainstream, ordinary Democrat: an unhinged totalitarian, would-be revolutionary who embraces the values and proclivities of grotesque, murderous rapists. He’ll be applauded by his ilk and otherwise left to continue to have his gross and immoral influence on American culture. ‘If you disagree, you’re racist.’ Nothing to see here, move along.

Can’t wait for 2020.

What the Bible Says About Concealed Carry

The moral imperative of the defense of innocent human life is a component of objective morality: the right of an individual to his/her life, liberty, ideas, property, and the fruit of his/her genius and labor. Whether you’re a Christian or not, morality is undeniably fixed. Even so, It’s nice to cite a Biblical lesson in objective morality, as this gentleman from God, Family, and Guns presents here.