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Ordinary Confession 2: I have an Arsenal a Collection

Like most responsible, ordinary citizens I have a collection of firearms; what a modern propagandist would call an arsenal. And it’s not just a couple of those tiny little sporting rifles that gun grabbers call “weapons of war,” but additionally some large-bore beasts that would really frighten the pearl-clutchers if they knew such things existed as a matter of course in millions of American homes.

Despite what those in the domestic totalitarian culture believe, we ordinary citizens don’t fill a gun safe in preparation for some mischief. A firearm collection is an ordinary component of ordinary American culture. We have them because we can, because we hunt …and because it is fundamental responsibility to provide for your own security and safety. Responsible preparation is a thing.™

I don’t buy guns in order to amass a larger and larger arsenal. Every one of my guns has a specific purpose that is different from the others in my collection. I have pistols that are specifically for everyday concealed carry, guns that are specifically for home defense that are properly staged for that purpose, a purposely configured-and-sized gun for use as my truck gun, rifles for 0 to 400 yards, one for 400 to 1200 yards, and one for longer-range shooting fun capable disabling a large vehicle at 1000 to 2500 yards. Moreover, several of these double as tools for taking small, medium, or large game.

A gun collection is not extraordinary or sinister or cause for suspicion, and it’s not an arsenal. It’s just ordinary. Like many Americans, I have guns in part because I am an enthusiast; I admire the craftsmanship and design and, for some, the fantastic function. But I also have them because I can and because no one else has any say in the matter.

Ordinary Confession: I Have Thousands of Rounds of Ammo

Every time some two-bit criminal is caught with more than one gun, the media delight in clutching their pearls while listing the “arsenal” the police found at the criminal’s home; usually tallied at hundreds of rounds and a handful of firearms. What might surprise these delicate narrative managers is that most ordinary, responsible citizens have far larger “arsenals” than those depicted in those stories.

Now, I say responsible citizens because the vast majority of citizens are in many ways irresponsible. They’ve forgotten or never learned that they and they alone are responsible for their own and for their family’s safety and protection. They therefore neglect certain ordinary responsibilities, like firearms ownership, training, and staging; both for themselves and for their family. A pity.

As an ordinary, responsible citizen I always have thousands and thousands of rounds of ammo at my home. Sometimes I have thousands more than normal, but that’s just because I received a recent shipment and have some training to do. Most of my ammo I go through like crap through a goose. I have for years shot nearly 1000 rounds every week in training and competition, but in recent years I’ve tried my best to cut back. I currently shoot only around 500 to 600 rounds a week. Ammo is damn expensive and I found I couldn’t keep up the 1000 round/wk pace for too long without starving other priorities.

A majority of my stored ammo is ready to use in magazines. That’s because when something terrible confronts you, if your ammo isn’t in a magazine it is useless. I have plenty of other ammo, mostly for training, that is in steel ammo cans. This is the stuff that I go through far too quickly that I’d like. It seems to disappear overnight, as I use it in training and competition to keep my skills fresh and sharp.


Some of my ammo, set aside for training in cans. Some magazine bags/cans too.


The thing is, if you don’t have it, you can’t use it. The magazine caches are the stuff I hope I never have to use, but the training rounds are there because firearms competency is highly perishable. If you’re not training every week, you’re probably dead meat walking when someone decides to take everything from you. I don’t refer here to the average thug—he doesn’t train any more than you, but he has a fighting will that will destroy you. No, I’m mostly referring to the newly cultivated colonist and terrorist element that has trained for years and is here now in your city to make a statement. He and his friends will pick the time and place and circumstance to make that statement and if you’re not trained and well-practiced at fighting with your gun(s) you are going to die in the first couple of seconds.

Avoiding the urge to pontificate here, I’ll simply say that thousands of rounds of ammo in your home is in no way extraordinary. It’s an ordinary component of ordinary citizenship that is common to millions of ordinary citizens. The enemies of liberty will clutch their pearls and decry this ordinary practice, but that’s because they’re sheeple and they have a tyrannical purpose in life. Ignore them and maintain ordinary responsibility.