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Ordinary Confession 2: I have an Arsenal a Collection

Like most responsible, ordinary citizens I have a collection of firearms; what a modern propagandist would call an arsenal. And it’s not just a couple of those tiny little sporting rifles that gun grabbers call “weapons of war,” but additionally some large-bore beasts that would really frighten the pearl-clutchers if they knew such things existed as a matter of course in millions of American homes.

Despite what those in the domestic totalitarian culture believe, we ordinary citizens don’t fill a gun safe in preparation for some mischief. A firearm collection is an ordinary component of ordinary American culture. We have them because we can, because we hunt …and because it is fundamental responsibility to provide for your own security and safety. Responsible preparation is a thing.™

I don’t buy guns in order to amass a larger and larger arsenal. Every one of my guns has a specific purpose that is different from the others in my collection. I have pistols that are specifically for everyday concealed carry, guns that are specifically for home defense that are properly staged for that purpose, a purposely configured-and-sized gun for use as my truck gun, rifles for 0 to 400 yards, one for 400 to 1200 yards, and one for longer-range shooting fun capable disabling a large vehicle at 1000 to 2500 yards. Moreover, several of these double as tools for taking small, medium, or large game.

A gun collection is not extraordinary or sinister or cause for suspicion, and it’s not an arsenal. It’s just ordinary. Like many Americans, I have guns in part because I am an enthusiast; I admire the craftsmanship and design and, for some, the fantastic function. But I also have them because I can and because no one else has any say in the matter.

Thread by @RexValachorum: A few personal thoughts about claims made by leftists…

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This is an excellent thread by @RexValachorum that I asked @threadreaderapp ‏to unroll for us.

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“A few personal thoughts about claims made by leftists that gun owners armed with AR15 rifles would never be able to match the US military in the event of an anti-government revolt against gun confiscation so there is no need for these guns:

“So here it goes (this is a long thread):

“First I’d like to know which one of the contradictory statements the left is making is true:

1. The AR15 has no place in the hands of the civilians because it is a weapon of war
2. Civilians armed with AR15 are no match to the weapons of the military

“Both can’t be true.

“But if you leftists are referring to the military bringing in the big guns – howitzers, tanks and missiles in the fight against the brothers, sisters, parents and children of enlisted soldiers, you must be out of your fucking minds. Matter of fact this is only revealing the disdain and hate the left has for our military. They see our troops as mindless killers ready to obey and execute illegal orders. Using the military on US soil against US citizens is a crime of treason against the people & US Constitution.

“No military commander will ever give such an order. I even read tweets from deranged leftists arguing that the US military has submarines and nukes and gun owners don’t so they wouldn’t stand a chance. This claim is so fucking retarded it doesn’t even deserve an answer.

“Here is the truth: in the event of a civil war started by the government attempting to ban and confiscate civilian firearms, the US military will not intervene. If anything, our troops will be quietly supportive of our side – the conservative, pro gun owner side. It is no secret that our military is voting overwhelmingly voting Republican election after election since forever and that will never change – unless the Democrats suddenly became patriotic military hawks who increase defense spending instead of cutting it. I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. Worth mentioning that a sizable number of law enforcement officers as well as regular gun owners are military vets. These are individuals who are already trained by Uncle Sam to break stuff and kill people. These guys are NRA members, instructors and gun rights activists who already took an oath to defend the US, its people and the US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, 2nd Amendment included. They will NOT fight on the side of a rogue, tyrannical government who is trying to achieve a monopoly on violence.

“As many of you may know, before emigrating to the US I lived half my life under a communist regime in the Socialist Republic of Romania. I served 2 years in the Romanian Navy and although I’ve never been combat as an enlisted sailor, I had seen some action as an armed reservist called back to duty during the days of the 1989 anti-communist revolution that ended the tyrannical Ceausescu regime. Why do I bring my own story up? Because I remember what happened during the days of the Romanian revolution The Ceausescu regime ordered the repression of civilians protesting for freedom in the streets of Timisoara and Bucharest. But the ones who opened fire against the protesters were not the Romanian army soldiers, but the Securitate (secret police) troops. By and large the Romanian military stayed put in the barracks and refused Ceausescu’s order to participate in the repression.

“Two very interesting things happened during those days: First, Major General Vasile Milea who was Ceausescu’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff and Defense Minister committed suicide on December 20th, day before Ceausescu fled from the government headquarters. This was Ceausescu’s version I’ve seen it on (still communist controlled) TV: Gen. Milea refused to obey the order to defend the regime and committed suicide rather than face treason charges Some people believe he was “suicided” by Ceausescu’s Securitate thugs and we will probably never know the truth since so much time has passed. Fact is, regardless of the cause of death – murder or suicide, the fact is Gen. Milea refused to give his troops the order to open fire on the Romanian people protesting for their rights.

“The second General, name Stanculescu who was called by Ceausescu from Timisoara to capital Bucharest to take over the military found a better method to disobey the order: he put a leg in cast and told Ceausescu he slipped on ice so he’s not able to perform its duties. The next day on the 21st Ceausescu realized he couldn’t count on the military to fire on the people and fled the government building in a helicopter. The loyalists, mostly Securitate agents and Palestinian terrorists who were hired by Ceausescu as “insurance” goons in case he would be betrayed by everybody went on shooting at people randomly in a desperate attempt to create confusion and help Ceausescu escape. This is when I was called back back to duty, issued an AKM-47 and posted for patrol duty in Constanta harbor where rumors were circulating that Ceausescu was trying to escape on a ship or that middle Eastern terrorists were trying to infiltrate and help him come back to power. On 21st the Army decided to leave barracks and defend the people.

“What I am trying to demonstrate with this story: if two commanding Generals of a communist army of one of the most brutal communist regimes in Eastern Europe refused to obey an illegal order from their Commander in Chief and refused to order their troops to open fire
on the civilian population, what are the chances you anti-gun leftists think there are for an American General to give the order and the US military to obey such order? If a communist army didn’t do it,do you really believe the US armed forces will? You must be out of your minds.

“Final thought: the 1989 Revolution costed was paid in blood by 2,500 dead Romanians and probably three times as many wounded. I honestly believe that if the Romanian military wouldn’t have disobeyed Ceausescu’s orders the massacre would have been on a much greater scale. The fact that the military first remained in the barracks, then later not only joined the people but also opened its armories and distributed arms and ammunition to any citizen reservist who was willing stand up to fight it spelled the end of the Ceausescu regime. Yes, Ceausescu had tanks and cannons and missiles and a navy and helicopters and war planes. But that didn’t helped him much against a population that had had enough of his tyranny and an army who’s soldiers didn’t forgot they were Romanians too. This is a lesson our leftists would be wise not to ignore.

“An update to the story: my wife read this thread and she goes ‘I know for sure Gen. Milea was murdered, he didn’t committed suicide. I was colleague working in the same bank office with his niece. When Ceausescu came on TV called Milea a traitor and announced he took his own life she started wailing and crying. We didn’t knew she was his niece since she had her mother’s married name. She didn’t wanted anybody to know her uncle was the commander of the military because she thought that people would be afraid of her. Years later she said she learned from people who were in the government building that day that her uncle, Gen. Milea entered in Ceausescu’s office alive and was carried out dead.’ Today Gen. Milea is celebrated as a national hero. A street in Romania’s capital Bucharest was named after him

“Update number 2: Here is another thread you can read if I didn’t bored you enough already. It is about how Romania fell to tyranny after WWII and how if Romanians wouldn’t have willingly gave up their guns their history could have been different.”

Rifle Display At Home

A once-common convention that has fallen out of use is the ready rifle; the home display of your rifle. At one time in America it was not uncommon for folks to keep their rifle or rifles at the ready in a display cabinet, by hanging, or by otherwise displaying it at home. It might be in a conspicuous location or one less so, but it was not deliberately hidden and never had to be explained when a visitor happened to see it.

This convention is entirely ordinary and, while still commonplace among some responsible families (like mine), it is ripe for re-institution among all responsible families.

Rifle conventions have changed and so display conventions have changed, too. But don’t for a minute think that just because you have the latest, most modern rifle available that there isn’t a home display apparatus to fit. There is!

There are all sorts of rifle displays you might choose from, according to your rifle’s type and composition. I found a host of options on Etsy (yes, Etsy!). I even ordered one that seemed appropriate for what I’d like to do at home. This is the Jaco Defense wall mount. Quite nice!

rifle hanger

I keep my SBR at hand with a simple Hold Up Displays vertical gun hanger I found on Amazon. This keeps it a mere two steps away from me all day while I’m working. Simple, effective, and minimalist.

wall hanger rifle

Above: My rifle is always at hand in my office.

rifle hanger

The point here is that since firearms are an ordinary component of ordinary living, there is 1) no reason to hide them from view if you want to see them or have them at hand, and 2) no reason to follow the conventions of a disintegrating society and keep them secret in your own home. These are your fundamental tools for defense. Keep them at hand and display them effectively and beautifully.

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