O.C. Profile: Skip @thefreerifleman

This week’s ordinary citizen profile is with Skip (@thefreerifleman on Twitter).


Skip, I know you like to keep many specifics private, but what can you tell us about yourself.

I spent a year as a cop before going into the Army I served 15 years in the Army I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History. I’ve spent over 8 years working through a study with Ludwig Von Mises Austrian School of Economics. I’m married, have three children, have worked as a gunsmith, firearms trainer, I build kydex holsters and sheaths and live in Southern Arizona.

I have transitioned philosophically from Republican, to libertarian, to Voluntaryist, with a dash of Collapsitarian, a term I’ve coined on Twitter as a solution to what I believe the polarity of politics is unsolvable without a collapse.

Why are you a gun owner?

I am a gun owner because it is sociopathic to outsource one’s self-defense, which includes Life, Liberty, and Property. The non-aggression principle and malum in se law are self-sustaining if people took their responsibilities seriously. The only rights that exist are when someone is willing to die defending them, otherwise, they are punchlines told by quisling politicians during their fundraiser dinners they invite the banksters and pedophile globalists to attend the $10,000 a plate wholesaling of America’s future.

Someday I will die, but I prefer it to be on my feet, facing tyranny, and defending what I believe in, over dying a 1000 times each day in human slavery, knowing I could have passed onto my future generations the freedom I owed them but rather chose temporary safety and convenience over their liberty.

So do you believe that defending liberty is going to come down to armed domestic confrontation in your lifetime?

This depends solely on the determination of the freedom prohibitionists set to destroy it. When you have or are in the act of defending freedom, you have two choices, defend your rights from any and all attackers, or allow it to be whittled away for convenience. At this very moment in America, defending liberty is nearing the cartridge box and voting from the roof tops, any attempt to avoid that level of responsibility is capitulation.

Do you carry daily?

Yes, I carry daily. Sometimes several, depending on where, when, and why.

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson

What got you into expanding your collection beyond one rifle and one pistol?

My gun collection expanded with my family, requiring a pistol and a rifle in the hands of every family member, plus a few other specialized capabilities. Anyone who is serious in defending freedom realizes this is a multi-generational fight Americans are losing to Communists thanks to their compulsory and continuing collegiate indoctrination they like to call “education.”

So your other family members are involved with your approach to ordinary citizenship?

Most, everyone is at different times in their lives at any given point, but I’ve seen families just like communities come together at times of dire need and emergencies, which is why I tell people they need to form friendships and bonds with their neighbors so as to prepare them for the coming endarkenment.

What’s your fave rifle and/or fave pistol?

My primary carbine is a (both modified, refinished, and built by me) BCM AR-15 in .223 and a Glock 19. Much of this is based on availability of ammunition, magazines, and parts, given that I chose to carry the calibers of my occupier.

[We have since learned that these and any other firearms he and his family may have possessed were recently lost in a tragic boating accident.

What worries you most about American culture today?

The extinction of individual rights and liberty, as designed by the communist social engineering plot that has taken generations to dull the senses of most Americans into rethinking what their moral compasses told them. The “Greatest Generation” should have fought the communist coups here, rather than flouncing off to save Joseph Stalin in Europe.

What do you think it’s going to take to preserve liberty here in the U.S.?

Anyone that is serious about preserving their rights is the resistance to the Communist Coups that has been underway for a very long time here in the US. If you look at every civilization that didn’t stand up to its advance has had some very mixed results, most involve mass graves, but if you look at Europe today, it’s going to experience a special kind of philosophical cuckoldry.

If people aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to preserve it, it’s lost forever.

Thanks, Skip. I sincerely hope that enough of us are up to the task, should the need arise.

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