An Escape from Responsibility


Reading a piece of leftist community-organizing literature this week, I came upon this passage:

“Shortly after the Columbine High School massacre, in April 1999, I searched online for an organization dedicated to protecting my children, then ages 4 and 5, from gun violence.”

That’s right; she was searching online …for an organization to protect…her children from violence.

No, that’s not a rare instance, not even an uncommon one. Everything about being a leftist is involved with eschewing personal responsibility, even parental responsibility, and requiring that some group—often a government agency—assume that responsibility. This is one reason that leftists always band together into groups because an individual complaining that someone else should assume his/her personal responsibility would look and sound as shameful and despicable as it actually is. The group lends gravity to the effort and slightly obscures the rightful individual shame.

One might imagine that her husaband would be a primary candidate for protecting her children from violence, but leftist mothers so seldom have husbands that it’s not hard to understand that immediate dilemma. In such an event, though, the responsibility falls to her, specifically.

An important component of parenting is the 100% responsibility for the safety and protection of your own children. There is nothing that can morally mitigate that rightful, individual obligation. Leftist ideology denies this objective fact as it denies everything natural and human and moral. As a result, leftists are nothing if not consistently irresponsible and immoral.

Bad people will do bad things no matter the laws we erect.

Leftists will never understand this natural fact because they are incapable of acknowledging human nature and never learn from history. So they will continue to do stupid things like searching online for organizations to keep their children safe from violence. And because they are wholly irresponsible, their children will learn to be victims and will too often grow up to be professional victims, like this despicable woman.

Because bad people will always do bad things, no matter the laws we erect, it is every individual’s responsibility to be prepared to stop those who would do them or their children harm. It’s on you, 100%.

As the name of the organization makes clear, “Moms Demand Action” because they lack the morality to own up to their own responsibilities.

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