Ordinary Dog-Responsibility Rant


Today, Ivan Throne, @DarkTriadMan on twitter, unleashed (hehe) a rant on dog-training and control responsibility that was glorious. I asked Thread Reader App to unroll it for us and present it here for everyone’s edification. Take heed of this ordinary advice.

* * *

1. Your dog is not a person who “makes friends” or “just says hi” to other dogs.

Your dog is a territorial pack predator with defense and aggression instincts that are either under your supervision and control or not.

Grasp that.

2. If your dog is off leash you are NOT in control of its defense and aggression instincts.

Voice control is all well and good in theory. In practice almost nobody can actually do this when it matters.


Screams of “Fluffy, noooo!” are stupid, useless and preventable.

3. YOU are the pack leader and YOU are 100% responsible for what YOUR dog does.

That includes affection, correction, and everything in between.

If you aren’t sure if you have control over your dog, you DON’T have control over it.


4. Very few people understand the severe wounds that a large dog can inflict in split seconds.

A dog is DESIGNED to quickly inflict fatal wounds on prey animals.

If your unleashed dog is racing towards mine he is NOT being “friendly”.

It is an aggression/territory inquiry.

5. If your dog weighs more than you do, you are NOT in control of it.

Yes, there are professional handlers who know how to properly and effectively correct with a choke collar.

The clueless soccer mom with a Newfoundland that yanks her all over the park is a pending disaster.

6. Dog training is YOUR responsibility.

You need to ACTIVELY HANDLE your dog as if its life depends on it.

It does!

Never rely on anthropomorphic fantasies to excuse away your incompetence and irresponsibility.

@leerburg is correct:

“99% of the time it is Handler Error.”

7. There is NO excuse for being an incompetent idiot when handling your dog.

Invest in training YOURSELF to properly reward and correct your dog consistently and continuously.

Don’t make ME do it on the fly because “Fluffy” reverts to instinct.

You will NOT like it.

8. If your off leash dog runs towards mine and attacks, YOU are the fucking problem.


I’ll say it again:

YOU are the problem.

You are not just incompetent, you are a dangerous asshole.


9. Dogs are NOT human beings with “judgment” on whether “they can take” another dog or not.

“Fluffy” does not know or care that my dog has enough bite force to sever it in half in an instant.

It is obeying INSTINCT.

YOU are responsible for handling it’s INSTINCTS.

Get it!

10. Spend TIME training yourself and your dog to work as a TEAM.

If you haven’t trained yourself and your dog, your dog does NOT know what is expected, and you will NOT have control over instinctual behavior.

Desperately hauling back on a leash is NOT competent handling!

11. I can spot asshole handlers from a hundred yards away now.

They are everywhere.

Don’t be one:



Time for a walk.


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