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A once-common convention that has fallen out of use is the ready rifle; the home display of your rifle. At one time in America it was not uncommon for folks to keep their rifle or rifles at the ready in a display cabinet, by hanging, or by otherwise displaying it at home. It might be in a conspicuous location or one less so, but it was not deliberately hidden and never had to be explained when a visitor happened to see it.

This convention is entirely ordinary and, while still commonplace among some responsible families (like mine), it is ripe for re-institution among all responsible families.

Rifle conventions have changed and so display conventions have changed, too. But don’t for a minute think that just because you have the latest, most modern rifle available that there isn’t a home display apparatus to fit. There is!

There are all sorts of rifle displays you might choose from, according to your rifle’s type and composition. I found a host of options on Etsy (yes, Etsy!). I even ordered one that seemed appropriate for what I’d like to do at home. This is the Jaco Defense wall mount. Quite nice!

rifle hanger

I keep my SBR at hand with a simple Hold Up Displays vertical gun hanger I found on Amazon. This keeps it a mere two steps away from me all day while I’m working. Simple, effective, and minimalist.

wall hanger rifle

Above: My rifle is always at hand in my office.

rifle hanger

The point here is that since firearms are an ordinary component of ordinary living, there is 1) no reason to hide them from view if you want to see them or have them at hand, and 2) no reason to follow the conventions of a disintegrating society and keep them secret in your own home. These are your fundamental tools for defense. Keep them at hand and display them effectively and beautifully.

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Hero photo from Guns.com.

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  1. Mark Whatley Reply
    May 7, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    I keep my rifle ready—within feet of me—at home, and it comes with me when I leave for work.

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