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O.C. Profile: Bill Buppert

This time we speak with @Zero_Gov. He’s a husband, father, writer, and retired Army officer living in the high desert of the American Southwest. Bill is the author of at least two books and publisher of

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Why are you a gun owner?

I think it is immoral for me to outsource my self-defense to others absent their permission nor do I have any desire to trusts others with my own protection.

Do you carry daily?

I carry a modified G19 daily in a AIWB or G-Code RTI OWB rig. Everywhere excepting the risk I have assumed of not carrying in my workplace because I can’t afford to lose my job.

What got you into expanding your collection beyond one rifle and one pistol?

Mission profiles and expanding the protection envelope to 1200m.

What’s your fave rifle and/or fave pistol?

Until I can get a 40-watt plasma rifle, the AR is the best of breed fighting rifle on Earth and I use the Glock exclusively for all my handguns.

Bill Buppert

What worries you most about American culture today?

Critical thinking skills are disappearing, people aren’t reading enough, they have no rear-view mirror to assess history on their own and no one is aware that the government supremacist Stockholm Syndrome can rob you of your self-ownership unconsciously.

Books by Bill Buppert

Bill’s Books are available on Amazon.

To what do you attribute this diminishment of citizens’ critical thinking skills and historical ignorance?

Government schools, the current mass malady of screen addiction and well orchestrated program to get everyone addicted to a Milgram Sadism and Stockholm Syndrome cocktail with a police state chaser. There is a reason urban folk pride themselves on their lack of self-sufficiency.

What do you believe responsible citizens should do to address this clear cultural change?

Unplug your televisions from cable and satellite, never watch televised news, always use biased new media for current events ( I use, for instance). Read books, acquaint yourself with real history, use Ohno’s five whys and Socratic drilling. If you see a good idea, always try to murder it, cross examination is the engine of truth.

As a capitalist I immediately identify with the moral approach to life you’ve described, but I count myself and would count you as a minority in the US, and a diminishing minority at that. How do you see the capitalist’s / libertarian’s place in American society in the years to come?

We are the remnant, the abolitionist in my case is a single digit percentage of a single digit percentage minority on the planet (libertarians). My position is absolute: I am opposed to all forms of human slavery. Capitalism and free markets aren’t an ideology, they are THE default ecology for humans when they are together. The politicians (violence brokers) are the alien interlopers who have convinced generations that they must be harnessed to the sadistic fever dreams of a authoritarian/psychopathic subculture that considers all other humans chattel and Helots to be lorded over by the communist master race. Every society has a nomenklatura, that’s what the politicians are; a viral contagion that cripples free will and habituates its charges to the violence of the state as the natural order of things. Once you see that all politicians consider themselves as entitled zookeepers, it all fits together.

Do you believe we’re headed for a cultural divestment from responsible living? And if so, how do you believe it could be avoided, if at all?

As a Stoic, I believe every man ultimately commands his fate even if it means his death. I explicate that idea in this article on ZeroGov.

“Epictetus tells us: ‘All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain.’ You either submit or defy. The middle course will always benefit the former and the acceptance of death as a certitude will inform the latter.”

-From Hold Death Dear And The State Will Vanish

Thanks, Bill.

Orwell Was Right

So called “gun-free zones” are unadulterated doublethink.

gun-free zone

There is no possible way that anyone other than a full-blown Orwellian collectivist could for a moment hold in their minds both the fact that signs are irrelevant to those whose purpose it is to commit a crime – and – that a “gun-free zone,” as defined by a sign, is an area protected from someone who wants to use a firearm for violence.

Those who advocate for “gun-free zones” are, as Orwell said, repudiating morality while laying claim to it.

Pure, unadulterated doublethink.

Command Performance

Imagine being forced to perform a piano concert at Carnegie Hall, with your life depending on the quality of your performance, and your only preparation was that you’ve had a piano in your house for the past 20 years.

Firearms training can save your life. “A firearm” cannot.

You do not get to pick the time, location, or circumstances when an armed criminal decides to take everything from you or from you and your family. Your preparation for that unscripted moment will likely determine the outcome. How do you address this responsibility on a regular basis?

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